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App for Apple Vision Pro

Trip.com Creates App for Apple Vision Pro

Trip.com Group has launched the app for Apple Vision Pro – Trip.Vision app. The app was created with the intent to blend physical space with digital content.

The application, created for Apple Vision Pro exclusively, is meant to redefine how we think about travel, said Bo Sun, chief marketing officer of Trip.com Group.

“The Trip.Vision app revolutionizes the travel experience by allowing users to virtually immerse themselves in renowned destinations, enhancing their itinerary planning,” he said. “This marks a whole new approach, where the exploration begins before the booking, and every destination becomes a story waiting to unfold.”

With Trip.Vision, users can virtually explore destinations such as Antarctica, the Maldives, Mount Everest, and others.

Trip.com Group said the high resolution provided by the headset is equivalent to that of a 4K television, and the sound system is meant to give the sensation that sounds have originated within the user’s physical space.

The Vision Pro interface is responsive to the users’ eyes, voice, and hands. As a result, additional controls aren’t needed.

The Trip.Vision app is now available on the U.S. App Store for Apple Vision Pro.

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