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Apple Vision Pro

How to Use Apple Vision Pro for In-Flight Entertainment

Many travelers seek to escape the monotony of flights by bringing entertainment devices like phones, iPads, or e-readers. The Apple Vision Pro headset enhances this experience by allowing users to watch movies and TV shows in a virtual reality setting. The headset offers a unique feature called Travel Mode, making it especially useful for air travel.

Immersive Audio Experience

The Vision Pro provides a surround-sound audio experience with audio pods located just outside the ears. This spatial audio feature enhances the overall entertainment experience, creating a more immersive and enjoyable atmosphere for users.

Apple Vision Pro for Mindfulness on the Go

Recognizing the need for calm amidst the hustle, the Vision Pro includes a mindfulness app. This app assists users in creating moments of tranquility during their journey, balancing out the excitement of virtual reality entertainment.

First Airline to offer Apple Vision Pro

Beond will be the first to offer passengers VR headsets during the flight. Starting in July 2024, the airline will allow passengers to rent Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headsets for an immersive in-flight entertainment experience. The service will be available on the airline’s flights to the Maldives, where its hub is located.

The Vision Pro will allow users to embark on virtual tours of the resorts in the Maldives. Beond is currently collaborating with local partners to create unique content, building anticipation for passengers even before they arrive.

Beond Airlines will be a pioneer in utilizing augmented reality technologies for entertaining passengers during flights. It will be interesting to see how Beond’s competitors react and whether they will follow suit in introducing VR headsets on board.

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