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Top 20 Cities for Multigenerational Travel

Multigenerational travel are one of the big travel trends of 2023/24. So, check out Trafalgar Travel’s new research, revealing which cities your readers should visit when travelling with multigenerational groups.

Barcelona ranks highest for a number of nightclubs and bars per km, and second highest for parks and spas. It also topped the metrics for TikTok, with over 112 billion #Barcelona tags making it popular with the youngest group. So whether it’s a walk in the park or a boogie in the dark, there’s something for everyone in Barcelona; one of the best places for a family trip.

Paris came in a hot second, topping the metrics for a whole range of factors – from accessible infrastructure to spas, museums, Michelin restaurants (a gourmet 490 of them!) and 5-star hotels. No matter if you’re after culture, a chill-out, or a touch of class, you can’t go wrong in the Ville-Lumière!

Coming in third is the gorgeous city of Istanbul. With the highest proportion of parks (1.64 x km2), 100% accessible metro stations, and plenty of social media coverage, Istanbul is buzzing with life while still slow, steady, and welcoming to all – perfect for multigenerational travel.

Highlights from other cities? If you prefer to travel to places where locals speak good English, Amsterdam is our number one city for English proficiency. Love the hustle and bustle? Visit Venice, a tourist hotspot with over 13 million tourists visiting this 414 km2 city! And if it’s all about relaxing on the beach, Porto and its 10 city beaches makes for an ideal family holiday destination.

Some cities ranked high, but Trafalgar had to take into account other factors. Take Tokyo, which has a huge amount of wine bars and pubs (4,825 to be precise!) but a low level of English proficiency. Or London, with plenty of museums and nightclubs (a hip 497) but a low level of accessible infrastructure. But don’t let that discourage you, just choose what’s right for your group.

Multigenerational Travel
Multigenerational Travel
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