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The first airport without a traditional tower in the world to open in Sweden

Saab will be installing and operating digital towers for the new Scandinavian Mountains Airport in Sälen, Sweden. It is the first airport in the world to be designed and built without a traditional tower.

hqdefaultSaab Digital Air Traffic Solutions AB has been selected by Scandinavian Mountains Airport to both install and operate digital towers at their airport. This is the first time digital tower services will be put into operation at a new airport. It also marks the first time that Saab will be delivering true digital air navigation service provider capabilities.

The contract includes the installation of the Saab R-TWR system at the airport during 2018/19 and initial operations from the digital tower centre in Sundsvall from December 2019 for a period of ten years. The airport will be serving the destinations within the region, including Sälen and Trysil ski resorts, mainly during the winter season, thus enabling the airport to make use of the flexibility of digital tower services from a centralized location.

“The Scandinavian Mountains Airport contract embeds many of the drivers behind remote towers, use of a standardised, approved and industrialised technical platform, provision of ATC on demand and the launch of a digital ANS provider. We are proud to support the world’s first true digital tower airport” says Johan Klintberg, CEO of Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions.

The Scandinavian mountain region is an international destination, comprising Sweden and Norway’s biggest alpine destinations, Sälenfjällen and Trysil, along with Idre and Engerdal. This will be another step towards the development of the large developing region in Sweden and Norway by improving infrastructure and creating accessibility to the heart of the region.

“Digital Tower technology and services from Saab were the natural choices for us when building our airport,” says Brett Weihart, CEO of Scandinavian Mountains Airport.

“It will enable us to future-proof our operations and ensure cost-efficient and flexible service. In addition, we envision the airport becoming a part of a wider digital transition for our customers, and Digital Tower is an aspect of this,” says Brett Weihart.

The airport will be begin operations during the 2019/20 winter season.

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