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Tallinn Airport Is Going Green

Responsible and sustainable operations have been in the focus of Tallinn Airport for years. In 2020, the construction of solar parks started in all airports, aimed at reducing the amount of CO2 from energy consumption and moving towards renewable energy. For today, all solar parks have been audited and will become operational in the near time.

“This year we built seven 50 kW stations in Estonian airports: two in Tallinn, two in Pärnu and one in Tartu, Kärdla and Kuressaare with total cost of 235,000 euros. This, however, is the beginning of a longer journey. Next year, for example, we intend to build two 500 kW stations in Tallinn and in 2022, there are plans to build another two stations with of least 1 MW,” Riivo Tuvike, the Chairman of the Management Board at Tallinn Airport said.

With a purpose of building additional solar parks, AS Tallinna Lennujaam participated also in the reverse auction of renewable energy, organised by the state, where the solar parks with total capacity of 1 MW planned in Tallinn for the next year proved successful.

“The parks built this year are producing nearly 2% of the annual own electricity consumption of our group. When looking at regional airports only, the park in Pärnu produces 34% of the local need, the park in Kärdla 21, Tartu 8% and Kuressaare 19% of the need of their respective airport. After we have realised the projects, launched for today, by the end of 2022, we will be producing ca 30% of the required electricity,” Tuvike added and underlined that the long-term goal for the airports throughout Estonia is to consume 100% of renewable energy.

Sustainable and responsible attitude towards the surrounding environment is a value widely appreciated by all employees of the Tallinn Airport. Aviation is an area which inevitably influences to significant extent the environmental condition and security. Therefore, we must make every effort to mitigate the negative impact and burden of the company to the environment and be as sustainable as possible in our activities.

AS Tallinna Lennujaam aims at ensuring the sustainable and responsible operations of airports owned by the group and offering high-quality services, while preserving the natural environment and reducing emissions. The goal of AS Tallinna Lennujaam is to become a carbon neutral airport by the year of 2030.

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