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12 Destinations Open from Tallinn Airport

From June 15, it is possible to take flights to twelve destinations from Tallinn Airport: 

  • Tallinn-Frankfurt (Lufthansa) daily.
  • Tallinn-Helsinki (Finnair) twice every day (but one flight on Saturday).
  • Tallinn-Amsterdam, (AirBaltic) daily.
  • Tallinn-Riga (AirBaltic) twice every day.
  • Tallinn-Copenhagen (AirBaltic) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Tallinn-Oslo (AirBaltic) on Thursday, Sunday.
  • Tallinn-Vilnius (AirBaltic) daily.
  • Tallinn-Paris (AirBaltic) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Tallinn-Vienna (AirBaltic) on Thursday, Sunday.
  • Tallinn-Berlin (AirBaltic) on Thursday, Sunday.
  • Tallinn-Kärdla (Transaviabaltika) daily.
  • Tallinn-Kuressaare (Transaviabaltika) daily.

According to today’s forecast, about 30 different lines will be open by the end of August.

The health and wellbeing of the employees and passengers are very important for Tallinn Airport and in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, it is important for all people staying at the airport to follow the simple and important rules:

  • If you are sick or feel unwell, stay home; do not travel.
  • Before travel, familiarise yourself with the rules of the destination concerning passengers, as these may differ from those applicable in Estonia. Also, examine on the homepage of your airline whether and what kind of requirements apply to passengers on board of the plane, as also these may differ by airlines: wearing a mask may be mandatory.
  • We ask all people who have come to see off or pick up the passengers, to say their goodbyes and welcome outside the terminal and not to enter the premises of the passenger terminal.
  • The airport has established a 2+2 rule. Always keep sufficient distance from other people, if possible.
  • Wash your hands at least for 20 seconds and use disinfectants that can be found everywhere at the terminal.
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