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Swiss Offers Free Internet for All Passengers from August 2, 2023

Starting from August 2, 2023, Swiss International Air Lines, a member of the Lufthansa Group, will offer free internet access to all passengers onboard its long-haul flights. According to Avianews, this service will be available on the airline’s long-distance aircraft, enabling passengers to send and receive text and graphic messages through messaging apps during their flights.

To utilize this service, passengers will need to connect to the onboard Wi-Fi network, which will facilitate the communication. The free package will not have any data limitations, allowing travelers to exchange messages from any platform, be it a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. For those who wish to access websites and stream videos, they can opt for paid packages without any restrictions. A 4-hour access package will cost 25 Swiss Francs ($29), while the package covering the entire flight will be priced at 35 Swiss Francs ($40). The paid packages will only have limitations on streaming video services to ensure all passengers can have adequate internet speeds.

This initiative represents a significant change in the services offered by airlines. Since the beginning of 2023, several major airlines have already introduced free internet access packages onboard their flights, allowing passengers to exchange messages through popular messaging apps. Some of these airlines include Air Canada, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, and Korean Air.

On July 30, 2023, it was announced that Air France would offer a new service for its passengers. Travelers departing from Paris can now check in their baggage directly in the city or its suburbs between 30 and 4 hours before their flight, eliminating the need to carry their luggage to the airport.

These recent innovations in the aviation industry aim to enhance the travel experience for passengers, providing them with greater connectivity options and added convenience. With more airlines embracing technology and offering value-added services, travelers can look forward to a more enjoyable and connected journey in the skies.

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