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Stay Connected with Air France’s New Digital Services

Air France is meeting the needs of its increasingly connected customers by offering them its services on different vocal assistant platforms. Wherever they are in the world, Air France customers can now check the status of their flight, consult departure and arrival times and find out about the services available on board with the Google Assistant, available on smart speakers and compatible telephones.

Louis, the Air France chatbot offers customers assistance and support throughout the summer

Louis, the Air France chatbot, informs the company’s customers throughout their trip, in real-time, 24/7, on the Facebook instant messenger app.

Air France has 10 million fans and followers on social networks. The company is able to respond to up to 10,000 messages per day, in 9 languages, thanks to the combined expertise of its service agents and chatbots.

What’s more, on Messenger, customers now have access to a new payment system allowing them to book their tickets without leaving the app.

The app, our customers’ travel companion

With 7 million downloads, the Air France app is evolving constantly and offers new features to assist customers during their trip, including –

  • Real-time airport access indications with geo-localization – irrespective of the customer’s location, they can plan their commute time to the airport thanks to a multi-transport itinerary (car, public transport, etc.).
  • A guided airport tour through to the boarding gate – a map is automatically offered to the customer indicating how to get to their boarding gate, making it easier for them to find their way around the airport.
  • Real-time baggage tracking – each customer receives a notification informing them of the whereabouts of their baggage throughout the trip and the number of the carousel where they can collect their baggage on arrival.
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