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Stavropol Authorities Launch Project for Glamping Hotels in the Region

The Stavropol authorities have unveiled an ambitious plan to develop glamping hotels across various picturesque locations in the region, as announced by the Ministry of Economic Development’s press office.

Under the project, seventeen comfortable glamping hotels will be strategically positioned in ten different areas of Stavropol, including mountainous landscapes, forests, and waterfronts. Glamping hotels are designed to accommodate up to 290 guests at a time, offering a unique and immersive experience.

The estimated investment for the project is nearly 1 billion rubles. To facilitate its realization, the authorities are seeking to participate in a program of budget co-financing for the construction of these modern and sustainable hotels. This initiative is expected to attract both local and external investors, providing a boost to the region’s economy.

With a projected timeline of approximately two years, the Stavropol authorities are actively engaged in attracting potential investors and driving the successful implementation of the project.

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