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Star Alliance Announces Lounge Hygiene Standards

As you start returning to the skies, Star Alliance is working to ensure that visiting a Star Alliance lounge anywhere in the world is safe and relaxing.

Passengers will notice the following measures in place to further protect their health and wellbeing when traveling with Star Alliance

Social Distancing
Lounge capacity will be restricted to ensure social distancing, with specific seating to remain unoccupied.
Some amenities and facilities may be temporarily unavailable due to social distancing restrictions.

Personal Protective Equipment
It is a requirement that customers use facial masks while in the lounge, of a type approved by local regulators.
Lounge staff are required to use facial masks along with appropriate protective food preparation and cleaning gear.

Hand sanitizer will continuously be available inside the lounge.
Surfaces and areas within the lounge will receive more frequent and enhanced cleaning.
Seating area of the customer will be disinfected upon their departure.
Reception area will have a glass partition.

Technology to minimize the need to manually handle documents or cards when accessing the lounge.
Use of digital media on customer personal devices.

Specific Measures
Food and beverage services are adapted to meet local health safety guidelines.
Specific measures may vary by location in compliance with local health authority advisories and regulations. These will be communicated inside the lounge by staff and with appropriate signage.

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