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Spice Up Your Culinary Adventures: 10 Hot Dishes From Around the World

Spicy food has a way of leaving lasting memories of the places where you’ve tasted it. In our selection, we present 10 hot dishes that are sure to ignite your taste buds.

10 Hot Dishes From Around the World

Sichuan Hot Pot, China

Originally cooked by Chinese boatmen along the Yangtze River, the Sichuan hot pot features ingredients like duck, seafood, chicken, pork, lamb, and seasonal vegetables boiled in a broth infused with cinnamon, star anise, cloves, and, of course, Sichuan peppercorns. Served with an even spicier dipping sauce, this dish promises a fiery culinary experience.

Egusi Soup, Nigeria

This famous Nigerian spicy soup is made by grinding egusi melon seeds, a fruit native to West Africa. Rich in protein, the seeds add thickness and a unique flavor to a mixture of meat, seafood, and vegetables. Often served with mashed yams to balance its heat, egusi soup is a true taste of Nigerian cuisine.

Piri-Piri Chicken, Mozambique and Angola

Introduced by the Portuguese to Mozambique and Angola in the 15th century, Piri-Piri chicken combines European ingredients with African chili peppers. Marinated in a sauce made of chili, olive oil, lemon, garlic, basil, and oregano, the chicken is grilled to perfection, offering a tantalizing blend of salty, sour, sweet, and spicy flavors.

Jerk Meat, Jamaica

Jamaica’s favorite Scotch bonnet pepper comes in green, orange, red, and purple varieties, each increasing in heat. These peppers are used to create a spicy marinade for jerk chicken and pork, which are smoked roadside from Montego Bay to Boston Bay. The result is tender, smoky meat bursting with flavor.

Ayam Betutu, Indonesia

Popular in Bali and Lombok, Ayam Betutu consists of chicken stuffed with a spice paste (betutu) wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to intensify the meat’s flavor. The paste includes fresh chili peppers, galangal, candle nuts, shallots, garlic, and turmeric. Often served at religious ceremonies in Bali, Ayam Betutu can also be found in local restaurants.

Buffalo Wings, USA

Buffalo wings, rumored to be invented in a bar in Buffalo, New York, in 1964, are among the spiciest dishes worldwide. The fiery sauce, made with cayenne pepper, butter, vinegar, garlic powder, and Worcestershire sauce, coats the chicken wings, creating a deliciously fiery flavor.

Aguachiles, Mexico

Hailing from the western Mexican state of Sinaloa, Aguachiles features raw marinated shrimp, similar to ceviche but much spicier. Tiny hot chiltepin peppers add a spicy kick to the dish, giving it its name, which translates to “chili water.”

Beef Rendang, Indonesia and Malaysia

Originating from the island of Sumatra, this aromatic dish is also popular in neighboring Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines. Made with kaffir lime leaves, coconut milk, star anise, and red chili peppers, Beef Rendang is often served at festive occasions and is a true culinary delight.

Dakdoritang, South Korea

While kimchi may be the first spicy Korean dish that comes to mind, Dakdoritang offers a unique flavor experience. This spicy chicken stew features gochujang (Korean chili paste) and gochugaru (Korean chili flakes), resulting in a fiery yet flavorful dish.

Chettinad Chicken, India

Made primarily with Indian spices like star anise, pepper, kalpasi (stone flower), and maratti mokku (dried flower buds), Chettinad chicken is slow-cooked with roasted spices and coconut. Traditionally served with boiled rice or thin South Indian pancakes called dosa, fried chapatis, or naan, this dish is a fiery delight for spice lovers.

Whether you’re craving the intense heat of Sichuan cuisine or the aromatic spices of Indonesian Rendang, these hot dishes promise to take your taste buds on a journey around the globe.

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