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Sophia Loren Names MSC Grandiosa

MSC Cruises christened MSC Grandiosa mid-stream on Hamburg’s River Elbe Saturday evening. MSC Cruises’ resident godmother, Sophia Loren, cut the ribbon to send the champagne bottle crashing against the bow of the 331mtr long ship as guests gathered in different locations onboard.

Following on from the christening, Grandiosa will embark on a grand tour, visiting Southampton in the UK, Lisbon in Portugal, Barcelona in Spain, Marseille in France and Genoa in Italy, before commencing her usual seven-night cruises on November 23rd.

MSC Grandiosa is equipped with advanced cutting-edge technologies and sets a new standard for sustainability at sea.

New ship is equipped with a selective catalytic reduction system that helps to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 90 percent, along with a closed-loop exhaust gas cleaning system that reduces ship sulfur emissions by 97 percent.

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