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Slovenian Railways Revives Historic Train Route from Austro-Hungarian Era

Slovenian Railways has launched a new train route that effectively revives a legendary journey from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, originally established over 150 years ago.

According to Euronews Travel, the train traverses three countries and eight cities along the Adriatic coast in just two hours. The route is seasonal, running until September 30 this year.

Departing daily at 7:50 AM from the northeastern Italian port city of Trieste, known for its elegant mix of coastal palaces and Art Nouveau cafes, the train then crosses the border into Slovenia, stopping at four stations: Sežana, Divača, Pivka, and Ilirska Bistrica.

Next, the train continues to Croatia, stopping at Šapjane and Opatija-Matulji, before reaching its final destination at 9:54 AM in the port city of Rijeka. Rijeka boasts charming promenades surrounded by Habsburg-era palaces and a 19th-century theater adorned by Gustav Klimt.

In the reverse direction, the train departs Rijeka daily at 6:25 AM.

Tickets for the entire route start at just €8 one way, with cheaper tickets available for shorter segments of the journey.

In related news, Portuguese authorities have confirmed plans to connect Lisbon with Madrid via a new high-speed train. This project will be implemented in several stages and is expected to be fully completed by around 2034.

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