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SkyUp Airlines

SkyUp Airlines Offers 15 of Its Aircraft with Crews fro Wet Lease

From the very first day of Russia’s full-scale invasion to Ukraine, every Ukrainian has been fighting on their own front: some on the frontline, others in the rear. All together, for the freedom of Ukraine and for the future we want to choose ourselves. The future in the civilized world.

The best thing that can be done by those of us who defend our homeland without weapons is to continue to work hard. The highest priority task for Ukrainian business is to continue operations, because that is exactly what Ukraine needs now to ensure economic stability, create additional resources for our armed forces, and support civilians affected by the fighting.

That is why we, the Ukrainian airline SkyUp Airlines, appeal to the global aviation family to support us and Ukraine in this fight. In our fleet, we have 15 medium-haul Boeing-737 aircraft, the average age of which is 12 years. They are all ready to work and available for wet leasing.

By using our aircraft, you will help us continue our operational activities during the war and pay taxes to the state treasury, save 1,300 employees and support the affected Ukrainians as we will send every tenth dollar or euro to help the victims of the war.

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