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Sheremetyevo Airport Reopens Terminal D

Sheremetyevo Airport has announced the reopening of Terminal D. Today, the aviation hub’s press service revealed plans to resume operations at the Southern Terminal Complex (STC) Terminal D this summer, which had been closed since March 2022.

Starting from June 1, all domestic flights operated by Pobeda Airline at Sheremetyevo will be relocated to Terminal D. Meanwhile, flights by Aeroflot and Rossiya Airlines will continue to be serviced at the Northern Terminal Complex (NTC, Terminals B and C), as confirmed by the press service.

It remains unclear whether the inter-terminal metro, which connects the STC with the NTC beneath the runway (inactive since May 2022), will resume operations concurrently with Terminal D. Authorities at Sheremetyevo have yet to provide details on this matter.

According to Aviatorshina telegram channel, besides Pobeda, Smartavia and Nordwind, are expected to gradually transition their operations to Terminal D.

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