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Noise Pollution

Schiphol and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands to Reduce Noise Disturbance

Schiphol and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) have developed a joint programme of measures to reduce noise disturbance caused by air traffic. The measures aimed at enhancing the quality of life can be found on the website www.minderhinderschiphol.nl, which launched today. Interested parties and stakeholders can still respond to the programme. Schiphol and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands are committed to reducing disturbance, irrespective of the government’s decisions on the development of aviation.

Four themes
The measures are divided into four themes: runway use, aircraft types, flight routes and procedures during the day, and flying at night. Examples of measures include a higher approach to Runway 18R-36L at night, limiting the use of ‘non-preferred’ runways such as Runway 18L-36R, Runway 18C-36C and Runway 09-27, limiting night-time take-offs from Runway 06-24 in a north-easterly direction during runway maintenance, investigating fixed approach routes during the day and examining optimisations of flight routes, for example at Uithoorn.

Positive effects in the surrounding area
The programme is expected to have a positive effect on the reduction of noise disturbance and its perception in both indoor and outdoor areas around Schiphol. The programme was already announced previously by Schiphol and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands and answers the question put forward by the Minister of Infrastructure & Water Management, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen. In her letter of 5 July 2019, she requested a ‘nuisance reduction implementation plan that contains concrete and tangible measures’.

Ideas and suggestions from the surrounding area
Air Traffic Control the Netherlands and Schiphol developed the programme on the basis of suggestions and proposals from local residents, directors, the Regional Forum of the Schiphol Local Community Council, the top 20 complaints submitted to the Local Community Contact Centre Schiphol (Bewoners Aanspreekpunt Schiphol, BAS), their own expertise and innovations in aviation technologies and systems. Dick Benschop, CEO of Royal Schiphol Group: ‘Quality of life is one of our priorities. Partly for this reason, we held numerous discussions with local residents, local authorities and experts last year. The recurring topic of discussion was that if we want to preserve the benefits of aviation, we will need to reduce the burdens. By implementing this programme, we are working with Air Traffic Control the Netherlands to reduce nuisance in the Schiphol area.’ Michiel van Dorst, CEO of Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL): ‘Good consultation and cooperation with people living near Schiphol, directors and our partners is extremely important when it comes to order to reducing nuisance. By means of open discussion and cooperation, we can carefully examine and develop new possibilities and proposals for reducing noise and emissions while ensuring safety. In this way, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands can create value for the Netherlands, the surrounding area, our customers and partners.’

In consultation with interested parties and stakeholders
Schiphol and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands are inviting interested parties and stakeholders to respond to the programme. The online consultation will start today, via minderhinderschiphol.nl. Air Traffic Control the Netherlands and Schiphol are also organising information meetings at various locations this spring. The feedback and suggestions received will be used to improve or supplement the programme before it is presented to the Minister of Infrastructure & Water Management later this year.

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