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Ryanair to Cancel Flights Due to Boeing Aircraft Delivery Delays

Ryanair Holdings will cancel a portion of its planned flights for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons due to delays in Boeing aircraft deliveries, according to a company press release.

The first schedule adjustments will take effect as early as October.

By year-end, Ryanair expects to receive 14 aircraft out of the originally anticipated 27. The disruption in delivery schedules is attributed to production issues at one of Boeing’s factories, as well as an extended repair period for previously transferred aircraft.

Currently, the low-cost carrier and the American aircraft manufacturer are working to expedite deliveries from January to May of the following year.

The current delays are not expected to have a significant impact on Ryanair’s annual passenger volume target. However, if they persist into 2024, the airline may need to revise its forecasts, as stated in the announcement.

Ryanair’s shares fell by 2.73% during Thursday’s trading session. Since the beginning of the year, their value has increased by 27%, while the ISEQ index has grown by 16.9% over the same period.

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