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Brussels Airport Short-haul Runway Renovation

Ryanair Announces New Flights from Brussels

Ryanair is launching new flights from Brussels South Charleroi Airport for the 2021-2022 winter season- to Essaouira (Morocco) and Paphos (Cyprus). There will be two flights a week, on Thursdays and Sundays for Essaouira and Tuesdays and Saturdays for Paphos, connecting these two cities with Brussels-Charleroi, on the airline’s Boeing 737-800s, with a capacity of 189 seats.

Essaouira is a port on the Atlantic coast of Morocco that’s popular with tourists. Nestled on the seafront, its Medina is protected by 18th-century ramparts, with the fortifications offering a stunning view of the ocean.

From 31 October 2021, there will be two flights a week between the international airport of Essaouira – Mogador and Brussels South Charleroi Airport:

Brussels-Charleroi (06.35) – Essaouira (10.15)
Essaouira (10.40) – Brussels-Charleroi (14.20)

Paphos is on the southwest coast of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Inhabited since the Neolithic period, it is home to a number of sites linked to the cult of the goddess Aphrodite, who, according to mythology, was born in Old Paphos. New Paphos is a modern city, which includes the harbor, as well as the ancient ruins of tombs, fortresses, theatres and villas in the archaeological park.

From 2 November 2021, there will be two flights a week between the international airport of Paphos and Brussels South Charleroi Airport:

Tuesday :
Brussels-Charleroi (06.45) – Paphos (11.55)
Paphos (12.20) – Brussels-Charleroi (15.30)

Saturday :
Brussels-Charleroi (06.40) – Paphos (11.50)
Paphos (12.15) – Brussels-Charleroi (15.25)

Philippe VERDONCK, Chief Executive Officer of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, announces: “We are delighted to see two new destinations added to the many routes offered by Ryanair. Essaouira and Paphos complete the range of options available in Morocco and Cyprus for the passengers of Brussels South Charleroi Airport.”

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