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Azov Sea

Russia’s Plan to Create a Ring Road Around the Azov Sea

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Husnullin announced on Friday plans to construct a ring road around the Azov Sea within the next five years.

“We have analyzed the road situation in the Azov Sea region. Currently, there are roads there, but they are either of poor quality or narrow. We are already developing a project for the reconstruction of existing roads and the construction of new ones,” Husnullin stated at the Moscow Urban Forum.

According to him, within five years, a modern and convenient road ring will be established around the Azov Sea, covering thousands of kilometers of roads complete with interchanges and fuel stations.

The Deputy Prime Minister expressed confidence that road construction would stimulate the development of areas around the Azov Sea.

“Hotels will emerge, existing settlements will receive an impetus for development. The economy will grow,” Husnullin said.

Challenges for Russia’s Military Industry Amidst External Pressures

Simultaneously, Russia’s military efforts face challenges, with increased scrutiny on the ongoing situation. Western allies of Ukraine have been bolstering their support by increasing the supply of artillery weaponry to Ukraine, while Russia finds itself constrained by various factors.

Reports suggest that Russia’s military industry can produce anywhere from 1,500 to 4,000 projectiles per day. However, there are limitations related to Russia’s domestic chemical industry and its ability to create the necessary composite alloys required for modern artillery ammunition.

This complex situation raises important questions about the balance of power in the region and the influence of global players on the Ukraine conflict. The international community is closely monitoring developments and working towards a peaceful resolution in the region.

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