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Russians Have Problems with MIR Cards in Turkey Too

Starting from last weekend, the number of stores accepting Mir cards and ATMs dispensing cash with these cards has been decreasing in Turkey. A number of Turkish banks are now restricting work with the payment system.

In the face of difficulties with servicing Mir cards of sanctioned banks in Turkey, tourists hoped for cards of banking institutions of the Russian Federation that were not included in the SDN lists. But it looks like the problem is bigger.

Iş Bankası and Denizbank have suspended the use of the Russian payment system Mir, the banks said on Monday, following a U.S. crackdown on those accused of helping Moscow skirt sanctions over the war in Ukraine.

At the same time, Turkish state-owned banks (eg Ziraat, Halk) are probably more resistant to sanctions pressure, but these three also fail (Vakıfbank is an example of this). In any case, one thing is obvious – there are fewer points where Mir is accepted in Turkey. And ATMs issuing money on these cards – too.

Georgia strengthened its border control and restricted the entry of Russians into the country.

Russians wishing to visit Denmark will face longer processing times, be asked to present more documentation, and pay higher fees under new visa rules.

Russian citizens who have Schengen visas will not be able to cross EU’s external border in Baltic States – be it an airport, land or sea border.

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