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Russian Railways’ International Train Timetables to Change

On 31 March 2019, Western European countries will switch to summer time and put the clocks forward one hour.

In connection with this, the timetable for the following international trains operated by the Federal Passenger Company, a subsidiary of OJSC Russian Railways, will undergo partial changes:

Nos. 9/10 Polonaise Moscow – Warsaw;

Nos. 13/14 Strizh Moscow – Berlin;

Nos. 17/18 Moscow – Nice;

Nos. 21/22 Moscow – Prague;

Nos. 23/24 Moscow – Paris;

Nos. 32/31 Lev Tolstoy – Helsinki.

We ask passengers to plan their trip carefully!

Detailed information about train timetables and the cost of tickets can be found on the Passengers section of the official website of Russian Railways, as well as the RZD Passengers mobile app and by calling the Russian Railways Information and Service Centre on 8 (800 ) 775-00-00. Calls from anywhere in Russia are toll free.

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