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Russian Low-Cost Carrier Pobeda Launches Full Flight Simulator

Russian low-cost carrier Pobeda (Aeroflot Group) has launched its own latest Full Flight Simulator Boeing 737 Next Generation simulator installed at Aeroflot’s aviation training center.

“This is the newest simulator of this type in Russia. It is equipped with the most advanced imaging and mobility system. At the moment, the simulator provides 100% of the needs of Pobeda for the periodic training of flight crews. In addition, we have much more opportunities when performing full-fledged comprehensive training: now we can independently coordinate the time and conduct of additional training, ”said Andrey Yurikov, Acting Director General of Pobeda.

The Boeing 737 Next Generation Full Flight Simulator features the highest level of detail and a unique electromechanical mobility system that simulates takeoff and landing g-forces, as well as turbulence and stall. The Tropos visualization system creates the most realistic image possible, thanks to which, after 10 minutes of “flight”, the pilot forgets that he is on the ground.

The simulator installed at Aeroflot’s aviation training center is part of Pobeda’s own Training Center, which has a CEET (Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer) and a CFT (Crew Fire Trainer) real firefighting simulator.

Ensuring flight safety, timely and high-quality training of pilots are the unconditional priorities of the airline.

Rossiya Airlines has transferred all of its operating stolen aircraft to Russian jurisdiction. 

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