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Russian Federal Accreditation Authority Takes Over Accreditation Functions for Hotels, Beaches, and Ski Resorts

In a recent development, the functions of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development (MinEkonomRazvitie) related to accrediting hotels, beaches, and ski resorts have been transferred to the Federal Accreditation Service (Rosakkreditatsiya). This transition comes as a result of a decree signed by President Vladimir Putin and published on the official legal information portal.

The decree outlines the transfer of the following functions from the Ministry of Economic Development to Rosakkreditatsiya:

  1. Accreditation of Organisations: Rosakkreditatsiya will now be responsible for providing state services related to accrediting organizations engaged in the classification of hotels, ski resorts, and beaches.
  2. Maintenance of Accredited Lists: The authority will also maintain a list of accredited organizations that conduct classifications for hotels, ski resorts, and beaches. Furthermore, they will manage a unified list of classified hotels, ski resorts, and beaches.

The document highlights that Rosakkreditatsiya will also take on the responsibilities of federal government oversight for the activities of accredited organizations in this domain.

Established in 2011, Rosakkreditatsiya is a federal service under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economic Development. Its primary mandate includes establishing a unified national accreditation system, monitoring the activities of accredited entities, and maintaining registries related to accreditation.

The decree officially came into effect on August 8th, marking the operational commencement of these changes.

This transition represents a significant shift in the regulatory landscape of the hospitality, tourism, and leisure industries in Russia. By consolidating these functions under Rosakkreditatsiya, the government aims to streamline the accreditation process and ensure consistent standards for hotels, ski resorts, and beaches across the country.

Industry experts speculate that this move could lead to enhanced transparency and quality control within the accredited sectors. It is expected that Rosakkreditatsiya’s expertise in accreditation and oversight will contribute to the continued growth and improvement of these crucial segments of Russia’s economy.

As the new system takes root, it will be interesting to observe how Rosakkreditatsiya collaborates with relevant stakeholders, maintains accuracy in classification, and ensures a seamless transition for the organizations involved. The decree’s implementation signals a fresh chapter in the ongoing efforts to regulate and elevate the standards of accommodation, leisure, and hospitality services throughout the nation.

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