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Rossiya Airlines

Rossiya Introduces Augmented Reality Technologies

Rossiya Airlines launches a new mobile app – Rossiya Kids, which will make the flight even more interesting for young travelers. The work of the application is based on Augmented Reality, which will transform stickers from a special version of children’s onboard sets into full-fledged three-dimensional objects on the smartphone screen.

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without the abundance of gadgets that gave us a century of information technology. Therefore, the traditional onboard entertainment – magazines, brochures, newspapers usually do not arouse much interest in technologically savvy children. However, Rossiya Airlines, keeping up with the modern times and introducing the most relevant innovations, began a dialogue with young travelers in the language they understand.

New opportunities provided by AR technologies allow to immerse young passengers in the bright, magical world of new emotions and impressions, making each flight truly interesting and memorable. The airlines erases the boundaries of reality with the help of mobile technologies, making already familiar games and coloring books in travel sets even more attractive, enlivening the characters on their pages.

Everything that is necessary to do is to download the special app onto the smartphone, launch it and direct the camera to the stickers from the travel kit. Stickers can be placed on a special playing field, or can be pasted anywhere: on a school notebook, cover of a badge or on a schoolbag. In short, they can be placed anywhere, as long as the camera of the smartphone can recognize the sticker.

Rossiya Airlines is one of the first air carriers in the world, which uses AR technologies in its children’s kits, allowing children on board to have fun, so that the flight goes unnoticed by them and for those around them. The real world turns into fantasy.

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