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Christmas Markets

Rising Prices at European Christmas Markets Spark Outrage Among Visitors

Traditional holiday festivities hit by inflated costs, leaving attendees shocked

While Christmas markets are considered a beloved tradition in Europe, this year’s sharp increase in prices has left many attendees shocked. In Budapest, Hungary, recently recognized for having the best Christmas market in Europe, enthusiasm has waned with the introduction of hot dogs priced at 21 euros. Hungary is not alone, as other countries are also grappling with soaring prices amid inflation.

Visitors to Edinburgh, Scotland, have described the Christmas markets there as “hell on Earth” due to “outrageous prices.” Complaints on social media highlight hamburgers costing 12 pounds (14 euros) and Glühwein a whopping 7 pounds (8 euros).

Similar grievances are expressed in York, England, where hamburgers and potato chips also amount to 12 pounds (14 euros), and Glühwein slightly over 5 pounds (5.80 euros). This comes as a surprise, considering that traditionally, prices in York were considered significantly lower than those in London. In the British capital this year, Glühwein averages at 5.70 pounds sterling (6.60 euros), hamburgers go up to 14 pounds sterling (16.20 euros), and hot dogs are priced at 8.50 pounds sterling (9.90 euros).

Christmas markets across Europe are experiencing a surge in prices this year, causing dismay among visitors and locals alike. In Germany, known for its festive Christmas markets, a social media post featured a photograph of a sausage priced at 6 euros at the Christmas market in Frankfurt, with the visitor exclaiming that “prices have skyrocketed this year.”

Reports also indicate that some entrepreneurs in Berlin have opted not to participate in the Christmas markets this year, citing unprofitability. The current cost of producing a sausage is around 2.70 euros, making it impossible to sell at the price of 3.50 euros, which was prevalent at the markets a decade ago.

Furthermore, the price of Glühwein (mulled wine) at Christmas markets in Berlin has increased by an average of 1 euro this year, ranging from 4 to 5 euros and reaching up to 10 euros with the addition of strong alcohol. This exceeds the amount most visitors are willing to pay, according to a survey conducted by the German polling organization Civey. The survey revealed that a third of respondents are willing to pay between 3 and 3.99 euros for a hot drink, while a quarter find a price below 3 euros acceptable.


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