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Cheapest Christmas Market

Cheapest Christmas Market Destinations in Europe 2023

In a surprising turn of events, the Latvian capital of Riga has clinched the title of the cheapest Christmas market destination, according to the latest Christmas Markets Barometer by Post Office Money. The annual report compared the costs of festive getaways to 12 European cities, taking into account accommodation, travel, and other festive essentials.

For a two-night stay in Riga, including bed and breakfast and return direct flights for two people, the average cost was an astonishingly affordable £307. The analysis, which factored in expenses for three-course meals, mulled wine, and slices of cake or stollen, revealed that a complete Riga Christmas break averaged at £505.73.

Moreover, Riga stood out for its cost-effective transportation, with return bus or train transfers between the city and the airport averaging at a mere £5.35.

Surprisingly, Stockholm emerged as the second cheapest destination on the list, with a total cost of £559.50. Although food and drink prices in the Swedish capital were relatively high, a 9.4% increase in sterling’s value against the Swedish krona made the holiday more affordable for British travelers.

Following closely behind were Zagreb (£559.60), Prague (£640.23), and Tallinn (£663.38) as the third, fourth, and fifth most economical Christmas market destinations.

Zagreb, the Croatian capital, boasted the lowest bill for a three-course meal with wine, contributing to its overall affordability. Meanwhile, Krakow in Poland offered the cheapest mulled wine, with four glasses averaging at just £8.27.

On the flip side, Copenhagen in Denmark emerged as the second most expensive destination among the surveyed cities, with an average total cost of £901.62. Vienna claimed the top spot as the priciest city with a total expenditure of £932.61.

The most significant decline from last year’s Christmas Markets Barometer was observed in travel and accommodation costs, experiencing a notable 21% decrease from 2022. However, variations in flight availabilities to different destinations during the festive season were identified as contributing factors to this decline.

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