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Remembering Iris Apfel: A Style Icon’s Unforgettable Travels and Insights

Renowned American interior designer, fashion influencer, and “geriatric starlet” Iris Apfel, known for her distinctive flamboyant style, has left an indelible mark on the world, passing away at the remarkable age of 102. The news of her departure was shared on her Instagram account, accompanied by a poignant photo capturing Apfel in her iconic oversized glasses.

While Iris Apfel was celebrated for her innovative contributions to the world of design and fashion, she also shared her passion for travel and unique experiences with www.cntraveller.com in 2015. Let’s delve into Iris Apfel’s travel tips, providing a glimpse into her wanderlust-filled adventures and keen insights.

European Sojourn

“When I set foot on European soil in the very early 1950s, it changed my life forever,” reminisced Apfel. She expressed her deep admiration for the sophisticated architecture in London and Paris, which captivated her as an interior decorator. Apfel’s travels spanned the globe, from Italy to Pakistan, where she tirelessly sought one-of-a-kind pieces in bazaars and flea markets, declaring herself a “flea-market freak.” Her love for vintage stores led her to sift through boxes, always on the lookout for extraordinary finds, emphasizing the need for caution in distinguishing truly wonderful vintage items.

Dream Journey: A Souk-to-Souk Adventure

Apfel’s dream journey, as she described it, would be a seamless segue from souk to souk, traversing from North Africa to the Middle East. Her yearning for unique cultural experiences and one-of-a-kind treasures was evident in her desire to immerse herself in the vibrant markets and cultural tapestries of these regions.

Character in Design

In her travel wisdom, Apfel lamented the increasing anonymity of many places today, noting their striking similarities. Her preference leaned towards properties with character, especially in terms of design. For Apfel, a hotel should embody individuality and resonate with its location. Personalized service was paramount to her, though she preferred minimal interference from staff, cherishing those who remembered her quirks. According to Apfel, the little details were what made a stay truly memorable.

The Carlyle: An Iconic Institution in New York

In the bustling metropolis of New York, Apfel extolled The Carlyle as an institution with incredible style, perfectly attuned to the city’s essence. She particularly appreciated hotel rooms for their views, citing the magical experience of witnessing the lights of Manhattan come alive from The Carlyle. Additionally, Apfel found delight in the sparkling panorama of West Palm Beach from the Eau Palm Beach hotel, emphasizing the unparalleled joy these views brought to her travels.

As we bid farewell to Iris Apfel, her travel tips and insights serve as a lasting legacy, inspiring wanderlust and celebrating the beauty of unique experiences and individuality in design. Iris Apfel’s spirit will undoubtedly continue to influence and resonate with those who seek to infuse their journeys with style, character, and a touch of flamboyance.

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