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Record-Breaking September Heatwave Sweeps Across Europe

National meteorological services reported on Sunday that the past month has been the hottest September ever recorded in France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Austria, and Switzerland.

According to France’s Meteo-France, the average temperature in September reached 21.5 degrees Celsius, approximately 3.5 degrees above the norm. This marked the highest average temperature for the first month of autumn in recorded history, dating back to 1900. The previous record was held by September 1949, with an average temperature of 20.3 degrees Celsius.

In Germany, the meteorological organization DWD stated that last month was the hottest September in the country’s history. The average temperature was 4 degrees Celsius above the climatic norm.

Polish meteorologists, in turn, declared that the country had not experienced such a hot September in over 100 years of observations.

Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Institute also reported a national record. “September was hotter than July and August. This hasn’t happened since 1961. Belgium has never seen such a warm September,” a representative of the institute said.

Meteorologists recorded temperature records for September in Switzerland as well as in Austria.

Meanwhile, Spain and Portugal experienced exceptionally hot weather over the weekend. In some parts of Spain, temperatures soared to 35 degrees Celsius. Residents of Portugal also endured a heatwave with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius.

This record-breaking heatwave underscores the ongoing challenges posed by climate change and highlights the need for continued efforts to mitigate its effects.

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