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Planning a Return Trip to the USA? Destinations You Should Go to First

Traveling is a great way to see new places, experience different cultures and expand your perspective on the world. The USA is one of the top destinations on many lists and it is easy to see why. The sheer size means there is something for everyone, from beach holidays to cultural breaks and active holidays. The US has now even legalized online gambling in many states. That means you can enjoy playing fun casino games on the internet when having some downtime there. Real money free casino games have become particularly popular as they enable you to play for real money in a social setting.

As the US is such a popular destination you may have been already and stopped in at the headline-grabbing places like Los Angeles and New York City. If you loved it and are planning to go back, this means you will probably want to find some other fun places to visit. To give you an idea of where in the USA you should check out next, the below should help.

San Francisco

If you have been to LA and loved the West Coast vibe, why not try San Francisco next time? This has the same friendly, relaxed feel but is a bit quirkier. San Francisco has a lot of history which makes it perfect for culture vultures who will love finding out about its past. A ride on the famous cable cars is advised as this is a great way to see more of the wonderful city architecture. A cruise around the bay is also worthwhile to get a new take on the city and enjoy some sea air. To top it all off, you can gaze at the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge as you sit at one of the many cafes and restaurants to be found there.


If you would rather return to the south of the US, Houston is a place to consider. Ideal for a couples break or a family holiday, there is so much to see and do. The weather is always pretty good as well! Sports fans will love it here with teams like the NFL’s Houston Texans to cheer on. There is a great range of accommodation so you will easily find a hotel that matches your budget and needs. As with any major city, the cafes, bars, and restaurants are second to none. For those who prefer to spend their time out and about, Houston is perfect. You can cycle around the many park trails here on a rented bike or kayak along the Buffalo Bayou.


If you have already been to Orlando, fiery Miami is a great place to visit next. This is a superb break for beach lovers as the beaches are awesome. With soft, white sand and crystal-clear water, you could easily spend your whole holiday in Miami working on your tan! But this is not all this passionate city has to offer. The architecture is fabulous with many pastel-colored art deco buildings to look at. The Little Havana district within Miami is worth a look to get a taste of the Cuban atmosphere and the culture. With great shopping and lots of fantastic art galleries, you will always find something to do when taking a break from the beach. Of course, the nightlife is awesome and you will love sipping on cocktails and dancing the night away.


If you have already seen New York City on the east coast, why not visit Boston next time? It is also found on the east coast but has its own flavor and history to uncover. A great way to discover this is to walk the Freedom Trail. This is both an easy and enjoyable way to take in the whole city. This place has a distinct charm, with modern skyscrapers being found next to older buildings. Boston is also a seafront city which means you can take ferry trips to see more of the surrounding area and also take in the sea views. The food is well known for being delicious with the fresh seafood being the pick of the bunch. Culture lovers will also find a thriving arts scene to dive into.

Heading back to the USA is a great idea

The US is such a huge place that, even if you have been already, heading back to uncover more is worthwhile. Doing this will not only mean you see new places and new sights but discover more about the various cultures in America. If you are planning a return trip and are not sure where to head, the above destinations are worth considering.

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