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Odyssey Airlines

Odyssey Airlines to Fly from London City Airport

The launch of Odyssey Airlines has been in preparation for 10 years. The carrier plans to start servicing direct premium business class flights from London City Airport to other mainly medium and long haul destinations, such as New York City and Toronto. For this mission, the company will rely on the Airbus A220.

The airline incorporated in September 2010 and is headquartered at a business property at Spital Square in London. The airline was first revealed in an article by Reuters in December 2011, citing it as being one of the undisclosed customers of the Bombardier CSeries aircraft, now the Airbus A220-100.

After placing an order for the A220 in the summer of 2013, Odyssey CEO Adam D. Scott shared that his company has a unique strategy to offer high-quality service with a focus on new destinations that are currently not accessible from London.

Utilising an innovative seat configuration, Odyssey will operate the more fuel-efficient and greener Airbus A220-100 jet aircraft. The experience will be more akin to that of a private jet, including an all-new interior configuration, windows that are 40% larger than other aircraft, the longest fully flat beds in the commercial market, and many other features that we can’t wait to tell you about!

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