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beach regulations in Benidorm

Navigating Beach Regulations in Benidorm: What Tourists Need to Know

Planning a beach getaway to Benidorm? Be prepared for more than just sun and sand. Discover the crucial time restrictions in place, fines for late-night beach visits, and a myriad of beach regulations in Benidorm. From prohibitions on swimming in the dark to fines for unconventional drink purchases, explore the intricacies of enjoying the stunning Spanish shores responsibly.

Beach regulations in Benidorm

Tourists heading to the beaches of the Spanish resort of Benidorm (province of Alicante) need to be aware of the time restrictions in place. Beachgoers are prohibited from entering the sea from midnight until 7 am, as swimming in the dark poses significant dangers, such as colliding with rocks, encountering marine creatures, or misjudging the depth during high tide. Another reason for the nighttime beach access restriction is to allow cleaners to perform their duties and maintain order along the shoreline.

According to BenidormSeriously, tourists caught on Benidorm’s beaches after midnight may face fines ranging from 750 to 1200 euros. It’s worth noting that this is not the only restriction in effect on Benidorm’s beaches. For instance, beachgoers are also forbidden from building sandcastles, and significant fines may be imposed for purchasing drinks “informally” on the beach rather than from official establishments. Additionally, playing ball games outside designated areas and reserving space for future use by placing towels can result in fines of up to 150 euros.

Furthermore, swimming in the sea against a raised red warning flag can lead to a 1000-euro fine, and sunbathing in the nude outside designated nudist beaches may result in a 650-euro fine.

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