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European Destinations

Most Popular European Destinations in 2024

Mabrian announced popular European destinations for tourists in 2024.

Italy is set to become the most popular European destination for tourists in 2024, according to analysts at Mabrian. Their conclusion is based on the analysis of spontaneous travel-related conversations on social media using artificial intelligence from January to October 2023. The study involved analyzing over 380 million mentions of tourism to determine people’s motivations for travel. While there is a global trend towards more experimental and less traditional travel motives in recent years, cultural tourism remains the primary motivation for tourists visiting Europe.

To identify potential popular European destinations in 2024, Mabrian studied which ones had the highest demand for experimental activities while maintaining an interest in culturally oriented travel. The international accessibility of destinations in terms of air transportation was also analyzed.

Italy emerged as the top destination with four potentially popular regions. The region of Piedmont in the north of the country claimed the first position due to its enchanting blend of culture, nature, and gastronomy. Highlights include the annual white truffle fair in Alba, the slopes of the Via Lattea ski resort, the vineyards of Langhe, the sparkling waters of Lake Maggiore, and more. The Turin international airport provides easy access to the region from around the world.

Three other regions in Italy – Campania, Lombardy, and Emilia-Romagna – secured the fifth, seventh, and ninth positions in the ranking, giving the country the highest share of potentially popular European destinations.

Wine, food, and nature placed the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in France in the second spot on the list of popular destinations for 2024. Known for its oysters and Bordeaux vineyards, this southwestern region is also an excellent place for hiking and skiing in the Pyrenees.

Eastern England took the third position for its balanced combination of culture and nature. From the prestigious museums of Cambridge to the serene rivers of Norfolk Broads, the region’s landmarks are easily accessible from London and other international airports.

The fourth spot went to another French region, Occitanie, where the regional train, liO, allows exploration of fruit orchards, hiking trails in Le Puy-en-Velay, and the UNESCO-listed Canal du Midi. The region also boasts several major cities, including Toulouse and Montpellier.

North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany claimed the sixth position with the city of Cologne and numerous fairy-tale castles. The eighth spot went to the German city of Hamburg, and the tenth to the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

As previously reported, the use of artificial intelligence for trip planning will be one of the main travel trends in 2024.

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