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Moscow Domodedovo Airport Offers Baggage Delivery

Moscow Domodedovo Airport regularly improves the level of passenger service and offers a new service – baggage delivery from the air harbor. Travelers can apply for the service by contacting the service desk in the baggage claim area.

“Flying to the airport and not worrying about suitcases is a special privilege that has become available thanks to a new service that has appeared in Domodedovo. Now, after the flight, you can safely go for a walk, home or to a hotel lightly, and the airport staff will make sure that the luggage is delivered at a convenient time for the passenger to the right address, ”said Alexei Artyomenko, Domodedovo Airport spokesman.

The maximum delivery time will not exceed 6 hours from the moment the service is issued. In addition, the luggage storage service is available to passengers within 48 hours from the moment of order.

The cost varies depending on the delivery area. You can learn more about the price list on the official website of the airport in the section Arrival — Baggage delivery.

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