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LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines Introduces New Fares

LOT Polish Airlines will expand its route network with international flights from July 1. Passengers will be able to fly to selected Schengen countries, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Norway, as well as plan their holidays in Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria or Spain. The resumption of international flights is accompanied by the launch of new FLEX PLUS fares, offering even more flexible conditions for managing reservations.

This year’s July 1st will be a special date for travel lovers and those planning a foreign holiday. On this day, LOT will resume its first regular international passenger flights since their suspension on March 13. The flight schedule for the first two weeks of July includes primarily flights to the Schengen countries and popular holiday destinations. The route network of 20 European cities includes:

seven flights a week to Prague, Duesseldorf, Vilnius and Budapest;
six flights a week to Berlin;
five flights a week to Vienna, Brussels and Kyiv (Boryspil Airport);
four flights a week to Amsterdam and Bucharest;
three flights a week to Barcelona, Tbilisi and Oslo;
two flights a week to Split and Dubrovnik;
at least one flight per week to Zadar, Podgorica, Corfu, Chania and Varna.

All international flights will be operated from Chopin Airport in Warsaw until July 14.

In addition, two connections from Budapest will return to the resumed LOT network – to Varna and Dubrovnik, operated once a week during the weekend. LOT will also maintain its existing schedule of over 30 domestic flights a day. Passengers will be able to conveniently transfer to any of the international flights in Warsaw. Tickets for all connections are already available in reservation systems, including our website lot.com

The safety rules are also maintained – all domestic and international flights of LOT will continue to be operated according to the #FlySafeFlyLOT procedure. To ensure the protection of travellers and onboard crews in the era of COVID-19, safety rules have been accompanying LOT passengers since June 1st . The key restrictions applicable both at the airport and on board each aircraft include maintaining the requisite socially distancing during check-in, and during the flight, the obligation to wear masks throughout the entire journey. There are also modifications in onboard flight service in accordance with the principle of limited contact between passengers and staff.

The Recommendations for travellers tab containing the necessary information to help passengers prepare for their flights has been created at the lot.com website. A detailed description of the epidemic procedures introduced as part of the resumed LOT’s passenger flights is located in the #FlySafeFlyLOT tab.

New fares for more freedom of travel

Caring for the comfort of travel planning in the era of the pandemic, LOT also introduces additional facilities for its passengers. The existing offer has been extended by new FLEX PLUS fares, available on domestic, medium and long-haul flights in all booking classes except Premium on short-haul flights. FLEX PLUS fares are intended for direct flights available in LOT’s offer and will not apply in the case of international transit.

LOT’s response to the increased need for passenger reservation management is the first such flexible offer on the European market. If it is necessary to change plans, tickets purchased in FLEX PLUS fares can be exchanged, returned and also transferred to another person on preferential terms. The offer is available and going on sale beginning
June 17th.

“FLEX PLUS fares bring a new quality of travel in a pandemic. We understand the uncertainty and fears of our passengers, related to planning this year’s trips. That’s why we want to convince them that flying with LOT is both comfortable and safe. By offering more and more travel opportunities, we will also support their decisions in case of any change of plans. For this purpose, a new offer of FLEX PLUS fares was created. For the first time, we allow for such extensive changes in the booking – cancellation of a trip within 24 hours from the purchase of the ticket, change of passenger data and free choice of a new date of a flight (subject to availability of seats), as well as reimbursement of the ticket on preferential terms”, said Rafał Milczarski.

The new FLEX PLUS fares offer an opportunity to:

change your travel date free of charge;
change the data on the ticket up to 48 hours before departure for a fee (250 PLN or 60 EUR for flights operated by LOT);
cancel the purchased ticket at a preferential price before the beginning of the journey (short-haul flights: 30 EUR/Economy FLEX PLUS and 65 EUR/Business FLEX PLUS, long-haul flights: 60 EUR/Economy FLEX PLUS and 100 EUR/Premium FLEX PLUS and Business FLEX PLUS);
cancel a ticket at a preferential price of 100 EUR also for passengers who do not show up on a flight;
choose your seat on the aircraft free of charge for all FLEX PLUS passengers, except Economy on long-haul flights.

Additionally, there is also the possibility of a free cancellation of a trip within 24 hours from the purchase of the ticket. For tickets purchased less than 24 hours prior to departure, cancellation is available free of charge, up to 6 (six) hours before the flight. The offer is valid for domestic and international flights within all of LOT’s fare classes and sales channels (tickets purchased at the lot.com website, at ticket offices, through the LOT Contact Centre and by travel agencies).

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