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Logan Airport Continues to Improve Air Quality

Boston Logan International Airport has received a $3,051,925 grant from the FAA’s Voluntary Airport Low Emissions (VALE) Program, which assists airports in implementing air quality actions to reduce emissions. The grant will fund infrastructure for about 43 charging stations at Logan Airport’s Terminal C, our busiest terminal. Massport will match the grant by covering about 25% of the cost.

The VALE grant supports a broader, airport wide initiative by Massport and airlines to install electric charging infrastructure as airlines replace their ground services equipment (GSE) with electric powered versions. Massport is installing charging stations at all of the terminals as airlines work to replace appropriate vehicles by 2028 with commercially available electric substitutes. This latest investment builds on the existing 23 electric chargers at Terminal A, 5 in place and 55 under construction at Terminal B, and 2 in place at Terminal E. All terminals will have charging stations installed over the next few years.

Currently, Logan’s emissions make up less than 2% of the overall number across the state. GSE’s account for almost 20% of particulate matter emissions at Logan Airport. Conversion to electric equipment will reduce emissions by nearly 178,000 tons of CO2 over the lifetime of the equipment. As part of Logan Forward, Massport is investing in a number of initiatives to reduce emissions and impacts to neighboring communities. These initiatives will incorporate over $100 million in sustainability and resiliency features.

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