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Le Grand Hotel Cayré

Le Grand Hotel Cayré Unveils New Team

Meet new dynamic team of Le Grand Hotel Cayré, each bringing their own expertise and passion to the table.

Oscar Blackstone

An enthusiastic individual with a passion for the drinks industry and high-end hospitality, Oscar joins the team at Le Grand Hotel Cayré following roles at Chez Caché, Les Bains, Lockwood, the Social Club at Wanderlust, and Silencio.

Bruno Brangea

With industry-leading talent and a wealth of experience gained from roles at Georges, Regina Hotel, Comte de Gascogne, and Goumard Prunier, where he collaborated with Michelin-starred chefs, Bruno joins Le Grand Hotel Cayré as Executive Chef.

Véronique Baudet

Véronique has been the custodian of Hotel Cayré’s (the former property) rich history for nearly a quarter-century. In her new role as Accommodation Director at Le Grand Hotel Cayré, Véronique will play a pivotal role, bringing extensive experience and a wealth of historical knowledge to the new property.

Mickael Meunier

Having attended the Parisian hotel school Jean Drouant Hotel, Mickael gained extensive experience at the most prestigious addresses in Paris and abroad, including at Lutétia, Crillon, and Bristol. Prior to Miiro, Mickael was the General Manager of Les Bains, Paris. In his new role, Mickael will spearhead the Le Grand Hotel Cayré launch and lead his incredible team to deliver brilliantly considered experiences and memorable stays.

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