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Karl Lagerfeld Introduces Sculptural Works Exhibition

Carpenters Workshop Gallery | Paris is pleased to introduce Karl Lagerfeld’s first-ever sculptural works exhibition, Architectures, from 19th October through 23rd December 2018.

ScreenHunter 01 Oct. 19 22.29Architectures is an art collection of functional sculptures designed by Karl Lagerfeld and inspired by Antiquity, referred to as the origin of beauty, culture and modernity by the designer.

Evoking a contemporary architectural landscape with Greek origins, the unique pieces combine the precision of canonical proportions born from the use of the golden ratio and the noblest material, marble. The ensemble of gueridons, tables, lamps, consoles, fountains, and mirrors materialize the perfect balance of classical foundations with a present-day vibe, like a modern mythology.

Each piece is carved from a carefully selected marble block, the Arabescato Fantastico, a rare vibrant white marble with dark grey veins which has not been quarried for more than thirty years, or black Nero Marquina marble, curated for its brush stroke-like, milky white veins. The combination of the material uniqueness with the timeless designs makes every piece exclusive.

Only available as limited edition of eight pieces in each marble color, plus four artist proofs, each sculptural work is made with the special marble, which is then precisely cut, sculpted, faceted and polished in Italy by the best craftsmen, to achieve the vibrant exactness of the elements. The lighting works to diffuse a specific daylight, the designer particularly appreciates, like a laser blade from the future. The shades of the table lamps are distinctively hand-painted in the most traditional technique of decorative arts, pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship and traditions.

Shifting between the antique and the contemporary, the icons of classics and the finest present skills, the black and white architectonic creations embody Karl Lagerfeld’s timeless monochromatic style.

The architect Aline Asmar d’Amman carried out the studies and the development of the works created by Karl Lagerfeld.

All the works in the Architectures limited edition stay true to Carpenters Workshop Gallery’s passion for blurring the boundaries between contrasting disciplines of creativity, art, design and fashion.

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