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JetSuiteX Debuts New Brand Identity “JSX”

 JetSuiteX today announced a new brand name and identity, JSX, along with a refreshed website (www.jsx.com), logo, livery and new ad campaign that aim to define its innovative form of air travel as a “hop-on jet service.” Now in its fourth year of operation, JSX’s mission to provide “Joyful, Simple Xperiences” continues to dramatically improve short haul air travel by offering publicly available charter flights on 30-seat jets from private terminals. Since its inception in 2016, the brand, led by entrepreneur and industry pioneer Alex Wilcox, has garnered a cult-like following among in-the-know travelers with its elevated and efficient service on short distance flights in highly desirable markets. JSX currently flies daily out of six airports: Burbank (BUR), Las Vegas (LAS), Orange County (SNA), Napa/Concord (CCR), Oakland (OAK), and Seattle-Boeing Field (BFI). JSX’s seventh destination, Phoenix (PHX), will launch later this month.

Wilcox, co-founder and CEO of the newly minted JSX, has long challenged paradigms in commercial aviation by spearheading early improvements such as all-leather economy seats with built-in LiveTV systems at JetBlue, where he was a founding executive. His decision to launch JSX came after witnessing increased demand for short-distance private flights at sister brand JetSuite. Intrigued by the investment customers were making in their most precious commodity, time, combined with the 30-percent decrease in capacity on flights under 500 miles by major carriers over the past decade, Wilcox set out to create a service where travelers could eliminate the traditional airport hassle and on-the-ground wait time for short-haul flights, saving up to two hours on each round trip. The brand made a new type of travel experience accessible to the everyday air traveler with fares starting from $89 each way.

Continuing this legacy of innovation and simplicity, the refreshed brand today debuts under a simplified moniker – JSX – while redefining its transportation category as “hop-on jet service” to more clearly articulate the niche it has carved in the industry. JSX offers a new way to travel that is effortless and enjoyable for more people.

“Because commercial flying is such drudgery, the notion of joy in flying or hopping on a jet is a foreign concept to so many business and leisure travelers. We have created a model at JSX that fuses the best of the commercial experience, meaning accessibility and cost efficiency, with the best of private flying which is ease, time efficiency and an elevated experience,” said Wilcox. “As we continue to grow, it’s important we not only distinguish ourselves uniquely as a brand, but as a new type of travel solution that is focused on creating ‘Joyful, Simple Xperiences’ every time you fly – and which is now clearly reflected in our new name ‘JSX’.”

To this end, JSX enlisted a stable of creative forces to reimagine the company as it rapidly expands, including Paul Wylde, venerated founder and creative director of paulwylde, and award-winning creative agency Eleven, Inc.

Wylde’s firm, based in the Bay Area and Seattle, spearheaded the re-naming strategy and designed the new brand identity system. “The concept behind the new JSX logo was to craft a symbol that was elegant, timeless and confident, yet modern – representing the courage, innovation and accessibility of the brand,” said Wylde. “The X has connotations of flight, movement and precision – conveying the operational excellence and commitment to service that is inherent with the brand.”

San Francisco-based Eleven, Inc. was tasked with developing the brand strategy and positioning platform and creating and deploying a new ad campaign across multiple channels including digital advertising, out-of-home, and digital video. 

“Once you experience the waitlessness of flying JSX, you realize just how archaic, process-laden and inhumane commercial flying has become. It’s always rewarding to work with a challenger brand to bring a truly differentiated offering to life. Finally, an air travel experience that respects its customers’ time and treats them with humanity,” said Ted Bluey, Creative Director at Eleven. “In addition to the brand positioning platform and multi-channel design, we created a campaign to drive home the promise of ease and time savings. We wrapped it all up with a simple yet profound prompt: hop on.”

While the look and feel of the brand, along with its name, have evolved, all of JSX’s most coveted attributes – the quick airport experience and the standard amenities traditionally reserved for business and first-class travelers – will remain. Every flight offers spacious, soundproofed interiors, complimentary premium cocktails, and at least 36 inches of legroom. Aircraft are currently equipped with power outlets at each row, and high-speed Wi-Fi is set to roll out across the full JSX fleet of Embraer 135 and 145 aircraft in 2020 — in partnership with SmartSky Networks, a new in-flight WiFi provider.

The new ad campaign, debuting across multiple digital channels today including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Kayak, illustrates the joyful experience of walking up, and hopping on, to an aircraft – something many modern-day travelers have never experienced. The video, created and shot by award-winning director Anton Visser, takes a cinematic approach to the time saving aspect of JSX through humorous vignettes of everyday people enjoying their extra time leading up to their flight. A two-hour video dubbed “The Longest Goodbye” will also soon debut on YouTube and shows the funny – and very ordinary – interaction of a couple using their two extra hours to say goodbye before a JSX flight.

For additional information and to purchase tickets visit jsx.com. Tickets are available for booking through November 13, 2019.

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