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India Suspends All Tourist Visas

India has announced all existing visas, except diplomatic, official, UN/international organizations, employment, project visas, have been suspended till 15 April. Visa-free travel afforded to overseas citizens of the country has also been suspended until 15 April.

All incoming travelers, including Indians, arriving from or having visited China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, France, Spain, and Germany, will be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days.

India has 73 confirmed cases of the virus, the health ministry says. This number is expected to grow in the coming days, as the results for tests conducted earlier become available.

As many as 121,564 confirmed cases of Covid-19 have been reported so far across the world with 4,373 people succumbing to the disease, according to data available on Johns Hopkins University website.

The United States will introduce a 30-day entry travel ban during the night of Friday, March 13 to Saturday, March 14 on 04.59 am for anyone who has been in Europe in the past 14 days, except for American citizens..

Israel imposed a self-quarantine for a period of 14-days due to the coronavirus. This applies to foreign nationals and all Israeli citizens. This means anyone arriving in the country must self-quarantine for 14 days.

Ukraine announces nationwide quarantine as a prevention measure. Measures include a three-week lockdown of all educational institutions, as reported by the Government press service.

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