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IDEMIA Delivers GSMA-Certified Automotive 5G eSIM Connectivity

Consumers are already using cars as a connected device, where the demand for high-performing connectivity for personal digital subscription services is on the rise. IDEMIA, the leader in Identity technologies, announces new automotive eSIM Consumer offering to answer this demand, giving drivers the ability to choose their preferred network provider for personal onboard digital services.

IDEMIA’s DAKOTA v4.2.1 NG (New Generation) combines Infineon’s automotive last generation chipset (SLI37) and a 5G-ready Operating System (OS) compliant with the latest GSMA specifications. Integrated into the car’s telematics unit, DAKOTA v4.2.1 NG allows carmakers to give drivers the ability to choose the network provider and connectivity plan of their choice for onboard Wi-Fi and digital services – just as they are already familiar doing with a smartwatch or any other connected device.

DAKOTA v4.2.1 NG ensures state-of-the-art security according to the most recent GSMA compliance rules and unrivaled flexibility, allowing car users to enjoy fully personalized in-car infotainment services.

This new automotive offering complements IDEMIA’s existing eSIM M2M portfolio which is trusted by carmakers worldwide and already equipping millions of vehicles. Combined with Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA) technology, carmakers can integrate both eSIM products to independently run their own telematics services and enable drivers and passengers to have a dedicated data stream in their vehicle with their preferred carrier.

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