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Flight Cancellations

Flight Cancellations in France: 16,500 Flights in 2024 to Be Cancelled Due to the Major System Overhaul

Flight cancellations in France: in early 2024, 16,500 flights will be canceled in France due to the need for the modernization of the air traffic management system ahead of the Summer Olympics. Local specialists will have to modify approximately 80% of the system, with the cost of the work estimated at 1 billion euros.

For a period of over a month, from January 9 to February 14, the number of departures and arrivals at Paris airports Charles de Gaulle, Orly, Le Bourget, and Beauvais will decrease by 20%. The changes will affect both domestic and international flights.

Air France has already announced traffic changes, prioritizing long-haul flights while short and medium-haul flights will be reduced.

Experts mention that over 2.5 million flights pass through French airspace annually, and disruptions are likely to impact the entire European route network.

France’s air traffic management system has not undergone significant changes since the 1970s and currently does not meet its purpose due to the rapid growth of the aviation sector.

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