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Retro Tram

First Retro Tram Debuts in St. Petersburg

The “Dostoevsky” retro tram has made its debut in St. Petersburg, designed to serve as a means of public transportation in the city center.

“This tram bridges the gap between the history and contemporary aspects of our tram system. On the outside, it pays homage to the beloved Leningrad trams of the 1950s and 1960s, yet it’s constructed entirely from modern materials. It comes equipped with ‘smart’ systems incorporating elements of artificial intelligence, including an active safety system. The green-beige color of the tram was selected by citizens through an open vote,” stated Governor Alexander Beglov, as reported in the official statement.

This retro tram represents a first in Russia, being a low-floor tram capable of navigating tight turns with a radius as small as 14 meters.

The tram introduced on Sadovaya Street will operate along Route No. 6 in the Vasilievsky Island district. By year’s end, there will be 11 such trams running on this route.

This three-section, double-cabin tram features a low floor to enhance the convenience of passengers from all walks of life, including those with limited mobility. What’s unique is its ability to operate on historic tram tracks in the city center, where trams of this type were previously unable to go. These retro trams will be serving routes 3, 6, 40, and 16 in the city center.

Inside the tram carriages, you’ll find a distinctive interactive transparent window screen known as “White Nights,” offering navigation, tourist, and historical information. Complementing this are a series of video panels near the entrance areas.

Furthermore, the tram comes with 3D content, developed in collaboration with the Russian Museum.

“It provides a complete city center tour experience at the price of a tram ticket. This is an innovation unique to St. Petersburg. We intend to keep enriching the screen with fresh information,” Governor Beglov stated.

The “Dostoevsky” tram is the first of 54 tram cars to arrive in St. Petersburg, all of which were procured by the city last year through a budgetary infrastructure loan. Among these trams are 12 two-section, single-cabin “Dovlatov” trams designed in a similar style.

In total, under these two contracts, 76 trams are being acquired. These trams are inspired by the tram designs of the 1950s and 1960s, and they are specially tailored for operation in the heart of St. Petersburg.

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