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Sundor to Evacuate Israelis from Turkey

The Israeli charter airline Sundor, a subsidiary of the renowned carrier El Al, has announced its decision to evacuate Israelis from Turkey. This move comes amid escalating tensions and concerns over the rhetoric of Turkish authorities towards Israel.

Sundor’s aircraft will be engaged in the evacuation of Israeli citizens who have not yet managed to leave Turkey due to the heightened political atmosphere. At the same time, a correspondent from the Israeli Army Radio, Galei Tzahal, has noted that the flight departing from Istanbul to Tel Aviv is only half full and is urging all Israeli citizens to return home as soon as possible.

On the previous day, October 17, Israel’s National Security Council (NSC) recommended that its citizens in Turkey urgently depart from the country.

The NSC’s recommendation emphasized that following the commencement of the Israeli military’s operations in the Gaza Strip, a significant escalation of terrorist threats against Jews and Israelis worldwide had been identified. For Israelis still in Turkey, they are advised to exercise heightened caution, minimize their presence in public spaces, avoid the use of Israeli or Jewish symbols to the greatest extent possible, and steer clear of locations associated with Israel or Jewish themes.

This decision to evacuate Israelis by Sundor and the NSC’s advisory highlight the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of Israeli citizens in the face of evolving geopolitical tensions and security concerns.

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