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St. Petersburg and Moscow

New Air Shuttle Service Between St. Petersburg and Moscow to Commence in 2024

St. Petersburg and Moscow may see a revolutionary change in their air travel dynamics with the potential introduction of a new shuttle service, aiming for a significant increase in flight frequency. Multiple sources familiar with the airline’s plans revealed that Aeroflot and Pulkovo are exploring the launch of shuttles that will operate every 20-30 minutes, as reported by Delovoy Petersburg.

Tickets for this innovative service will be sold with an open date, valid for any flight with available seats. Holders of such tickets can expect expedited airport procedures, streamlining their travel experience.

“The system is similar to a metro pass – you pay for the flight, not a specific one. In other words, you purchase a ticket that can be changed up to the gate – as long as the next plane hasn’t departed, and there are available seats,” noted one source.

The experiment is expected to commence in June 2024 if implemented. If successful, these frequent shuttle flights could pose stiff competition to high-speed trains, especially if they arrive at Vnukovo, where a metro station recently opened. However, both Aeroflot and Pulkovo will need to navigate technological and regulatory challenges for the initiative.

Another option on the horizon for connecting the capitals is the High-Speed Magistral (HSM), offering travelers yet another alternative for swift transportation between St. Petersburg and Moscow.

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