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First-Ever Chief Pet Officer Announced – Garfield

As the Proud Sponsor of Pets™, Motel 6 announces our first-ever Chief Pet Officer, Garfield. Between the mandatory nap policy and no-work Mondays, his ideas have gotten a lot of attention. He’s also doing his part to promote that pets stay free by hitting the road himself. We were more than happy to grant his time off to visit the world’s largest ball of yarn with Jon.

Garfield is leveraging his influence to spread the word that Motel 6 welcomes pets for free. To commemorate this partnership, Chief Pet Officer (CPO) Garfield is embarking on a celebratory campaign.

Firstly, Garfield is unveiling the Garfield Suite at Motel 6 Hollywood, along with select locations nationwide. Reflecting his signature orange hue, the suite boasts vibrant décor, including walls adorned with orange fur and striped prints. Catering to pets of all kinds, the suite features amenities such as a cat condo, cat tree, and plush toys for both cats and dogs.

But act fast, as this exclusive suite is only available for a limited time in honor of the upcoming release of “The Garfield Movie” on May 24. A

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