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Expedia Unveils New AI Assistant, Romie

On Tuesday, Expedia introduced its new AI assistant, Romie, at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The alpha version of Romie is now available for testing on Expedia’s EG Labs, a digital space dedicated to experimenting with new technology. The official launch date for Romie has not yet been announced.

Romie serves as a planning, shopping, and booking assistant, designed to help travelers navigate unexpected changes, such as weather disruptions that could affect outdoor activities. One of Romie’s standout features is its ability to join SMS group chats. In these chats, Romie listens, offers advice when prompted, summarizes conversations, and can transfer details directly into Expedia’s shopping platform.

Expedia’s Murthy highlighted Romie’s ability to become more intelligent with use. For example, Romie can learn a traveler’s preferences for boutique hotels, Italian cuisine, and traveling with pets. “The possibilities with Romie are endless, and with each interaction, Romie is learning — remembering and understanding you better,” she said.

Romie also assists in building itineraries, extracting information from emails, and suggesting nearby activities and restaurants based on a traveler’s location. The assistant keeps an eye on factors such as weather disruptions and provides alternative suggestions in real-time. The updated itineraries can be shared with friends and family, making it easy to coordinate travel plans and rides home from the airport.

Romie is poised to revolutionize travel planning by offering personalized, real-time assistance and ensuring a smoother travel experience for users.

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