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Etihad Launches Five New Interline Partnerships

In a bid to amplify travel options for passengers traversing its ever-expanding global network, Etihad Airways has unveiled reciprocal interline partnerships with five esteemed airline counterparts.

The latest additions to Etihad’s roster of collaborative ventures include Kam Air in Afghanistan, SKY express in Greece, Rex Airlines in Australia, Jeju Air in Korea, and Myanmar Airways International. These strategic alliances are set to augment connectivity for passengers across diverse destinations, facilitating the seamless booking of entire journeys on single tickets and ensuring hassle-free baggage transfer to final destinations.

Arik De, the Chief Revenue and Commercial Officer of Etihad, expressed enthusiasm about the expanded network reach, emphasizing the convenience it brings to passengers of all affiliated airlines. “We continue to broaden our network reach enabling seamless connection across our network, giving our guests a broader range of travel options. These five interline agreements make life easier for guests of all the airlines involved,” stated De.

The collaborations present an array of enticing options for Etihad’s passengers:

  • At Abu Dhabi’s Zayed International Airport, travelers from around the globe can seamlessly connect to Kam Air flights bound for Kabul, offering enhanced accessibility to Afghanistan.
  • Passengers aboard Etihad’s twice-daily flights to Athens can extend their journey with SKY express, unlocking access to 28 destinations in Greece and its picturesque Mediterranean islands.
  • Rex Airlines extends effortless connectivity from Etihad’s gateways in Sydney and Melbourne to 22 destinations across Australia, including Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.
  • With Jeju Air, passengers can seamlessly transition from Seoul to 27 destinations spanning seven countries in Northeast Asia.
  • The partnership with Myanmar Airways International enhances access to Yangon and Mandalay through Etihad’s South Asian gateways.

This move bolsters Etihad’s existing portfolio of 123 interline, codeshare, and strategic partnerships with airlines worldwide.

The expanded interline offerings are now open for booking through various Etihad sales channels, including Etihad.com and affiliated travel agencies. Travelers can capitalize on these collaborations to enjoy enhanced flexibility and convenience in their global journeys.

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