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Don Plaza Hotel in Rostov-on-Don to Join Radisson’s Park Inn Chain

Don Plaza Hotel in Rostov-on-Don is to join the Radisson family. After completing this ambitious renovation, it will operate as part of the renowned Park Inn chain.

In 1994, in the city of Rostov-on-Don, a remarkable transformation occurred at the former “Intourist” site as the city’s first officially certified 4-star hotel, known as Don Plaza, came into existence. Boasting a whopping 233 rooms, conference facilities, a bustling business center, banquet halls, dining establishments, and enchanting fountains and waterfalls in the hotel’s lobby, it represented the epitome of luxury and modernity at that time.

Fast forward more than a quarter of a century, and the hotel has exciting news to share. It has officially kicked off an extensive reconstruction and renovation project, with plans to give the hotel both a facelift on the inside and a revamped exterior. The renovation aims to revitalize the room offerings, enhance the areas for hosting conferences, and introduce new features, including a three-story extension to accommodate a fitness area complete with a pool. Additionally, a multi-level automated parking facility is in the works alongside this extension.

All the necessary funding for these ongoing changes will be provided by the hotel’s owner, Ivan Savvidi’s company, known as the “Agrocom Group.” The group obtained ownership of the hotel in 2018, having purchased the right to claim payments from the legal entities affiliated with the “Don-Plaza” group of companies, which were previously held by MTS Bank and AFK Sistema. Simultaneously, the hotel itself has been leased to its former proprietors, Igor Gorin and Andrey Demishin, who will continue to oversee its management.

This strategic decision by the owner is particularly prudent, given their prior experience working with the Radisson brand. Back in 2016, the “Agrocom Group” signed an agreement to establish a Radisson Blu hotel on the waterfront, which remains in operation to this day. Currently, Rostov does not have any Park Inn hotels, making this move all the more noteworthy.

Despite the events of February 2022, Radisson Hotel Group has not only remained steadfast in Russia but continues to forge ahead, opening new hotels.

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