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Direct Flights to New Delhi and Mumbai May Be Launched from St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Authorities Collaborate with Pulkovo Airport Operator to Explore Direct Flights to New Delhi and Mumbai, Reveals Governor Beglov at SPIEF-2023

Governor Alexander Beglov of St. Petersburg announced during a meeting with Pavan Kapoor, the Ambassador of India to Russia, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2023 (SPIEF-2023) that they are actively considering the establishment of direct air routes to New Delhi and Mumbai. The city aims to enhance air connectivity with India, and Kapoor expressed his support, mentioning the existing daily flights to Moscow and the potential for regular air communication with St. Petersburg. Additionally, the authorities are also focused on developing passenger air transportation between St. Petersburg and Chinese cities, in collaboration with Pulkovo Airport.

Notably, recent developments have seen St. Petersburg connect directly with the capital of Iran. Nordwind Airlines inaugurated its first direct flight to Tehran on June 1, followed by the commencement of flights by Mahan Air, an Iranian airline, between the two cities just last week.

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