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St. Petersburg

New Marine Resort to Be Build in St. Petersburg’s Gulf of Finland

The tourism cluster in St. Petersburg along the Gulf of Finland in the “Gorskaya” industrial zone will require the construction of a new sewage collector and two roads, announced the city’s governor, Alexander Beglov.

“In the ‘Gorskaya’ area, a federal marine resort will emerge featuring a year-round pool, water attractions, hotel rooms of various classes, and an improved coastline of the Gulf of Finland. A waterfront will be arranged, equipped with berths for small vessels, and a scenic park area along the water. The new resort is expected to host over 1 million guests per year,” he said on “Radio Russia – St. Petersburg.”

The governor highlighted that the city authorities would take on the responsibility for the engineering and transportation infrastructure. “We will lay a separate branch of the sewage collector. Accessibility to the cluster for tourists will be ensured by the new M49 and M1 roads,” he clarified.

Earlier reports indicated the plan to establish the cluster in the former construction site of “Gorskaya,” bordered by the Ring Road, Primorskoye Highway, and the Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland. The area encompasses approximately 130 hectares.

Potential developments in the cluster include a yacht port with engineering and technical infrastructure, a multifunctional entertainment center, public-business spaces, as well as sports and tourism facilities.

The industrial site in the “Gorskaya” area was established in 1984 as part of flood protection structures. Several zones with specific usage conditions operate within the territory.

According to the master plan, three functional zones are designated: public-business, recreational, and engineering-transport infrastructure.

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